By providing strategic and business advisory services, we help our clients to grasp the essence of their business, grasp their real needs, effectively enhance the professionalism of our services and achieve the business goal of “growing with our clients”.

Consulting Services


We provide customers with business process planning and design, business application and application optimization demand combing, business assessment and demand analysis, business system solution design, information system construction planning and other services to establish effective IT architecture, improve management, enhance efficiency, realize information management best practices and ensure that information system construction fully supports the realization of the organization’s strategic goals according to the customer’s business model.

After years of accumulation in the direction of finance, retail, manufacturing, commercial real estate, and other industries, the company has a strong team of consulting services, and the team members have more than 10 years of service in the industry and have rich experience in the field of industry information construction.

Range of Services

  • Enterprise IT Planning Consulting Services
  • IT Infrastructure Consulting Services
  • Information Technology Status Assessment
  • Business System Solution Consulting Services
  • Big Data Platform Consulting Services
  • Operation, maintenance and technical support services
  • IT Management System Processes and Templates

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